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Life's sometimes full of unpleasant surprises: you might suffer a car accident on the way to work or damage caused by sudden flooding at home. In situations such as these, it's important to be able to rely on a professional insurance broker and to know that you are protected and in good hands. 


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We can provide home insurance cover for all types of homes, by searching our panel of top UK insurers we are able to source the most competitive cover available for you.


Don't Underinsure: If you don't arrange sufficient limits on your property insurance, the average clause may apply. In real terms, this clause means that if your £200,000 property is underinsured by 50 per cent, your financial claim sum is reduced by 50 per cent. So if you suffer a loss of £80,000 the maximum your insurer pays is £40,000. bear in mind that you are insuring for rebuild costs and not the market value of the property.  

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