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Any Questions? Please call us on01562 751003 

Cyber Insurance

This insurance has been designed to provide you with financial protection against the costs of a data breach or interruption.


Why do you need cyber insurance?


  • Cyber related losses are now the largest recorded offence in the UK, overtaking physical crime. Data is now more valuable to criminals than assets.
  • Cyber losses costs the UK economy £27bn a year
  • Average cost of a cyber-breach for a small business £75,000 - £311,000
  • Potentially all businesses are responsible for the third party data they hold
  • Data is one of your most valuable assetsbut it is also one of the most uninsured exposures
  • Systems are critical for performing day to day business activities but downtime due to a cyber attack is not covered by a standard business interruption policy.
  • Your reputation is a vital asset, so why not protect it?
  • In the event of a mistake or attack the costs of a breach could be significant.


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